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Splash Adventure

  • Attraction: Alabama Splash Adventure
  • Location: Bessemer, Alabama; USA
  • Last Visit: June 30, 2012

About Splash Adventure:

Once known as Alabama Adventure Amusement park, Splash Adventure water park is a medium sized water park that  sits adjacent to the closed dry amusement side of the park. The water park has a nice collection of slides that would provide a good number of hours of fun in the sun for locals and tourists, including a signature WhiteWater West Boomerango half-pipe slide, Upsurge! Along with that slide are 2 other thrilling body slides, a dark inner tube slide complex, a lazy river, a water playground, a kiddie area, and a large wave pool.

Although with the park's collection of impressive slides and attractions, the park still has some work to do to make it feel more "complete" since its closure of the amusement park side. Recent additions have included a portable zipline, a water maze, a WhiteWater West signature AquaCourse, and a Seal animal show.

splash adventure bessemer
Water Slides

  • Body Slides
    • Acapulco Drop
    • Splashdown (Bowl Slide)
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Neptune's Plunge (4)
    • Upsurge (Quarter-Pipe slide)

Other Rides/Attractions

  • Castaway Island (Water playground with 2 water slides)
  • Salamandar Bay (Kid splash area with few slides)

Acapulco Drop

  • Type: Body Free Fall Slide
  • Make: Waterfun
  • Model: Jetstream

Neptune's Plunge

  • Type: Inner Tube Slides (4)
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: PIPEline


  • Type: Body Bowl Speed Slide
  • Make: Waterfun
  • Model: AquaDrum Body Bowl
  • Elements: Bowl


  • Type: Inner-Tube Slide
  • Make: WhiteWater
  • Model: Boomerango
  • Elements: Half-pipe wall with hump
  • Length: 216 ft.