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Disney's Blizzard Beach

  • Attraction: Blzzard Beach Water Park
  • Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida; USA
  • Last Visit: July 15, 2011

About Blizzard Beach:

Within the happiest place on earth are two world-class water parks; one of which is still recovering from a snow storm!

Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach water park has many water slides and water rides themed to a ski resort with the only patch of “still-melting" snow left in Orlando, Florida. The water leaks down chutes and pipes, allowing visitors to slide their way happily to the bottom.

This water park is quite famous for holding North America’s tallest water slide, Summit Plummet, which stands at 120 feet (36 meters) high. Surrounding it are other fun and thrilling slides like the extra-long family raft ride Teamboat Springs, the fast double-down inner-tube slide Downhill Double Dipper, the large mat racer slide Toboggan Racers and more.

One can find plenty of attractions, plenty of shade, and a very wide range of visitors from around the world visiting this very special heavily themed water park.

blizzard beach
Water Slides
  • Body Slides
    • Slush Gusher
    • Summit Plummet
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Downhill Double Dipper
    • Runoff Rapids (3)
  • Mat Slides
    • Snow Stormers (3)
    • Toboggan Racers
  • Raft Slides
    • Teamboat Springs

Other Rides/Attractions

  • Chairlift
  • Cross Country Creek (Lazy River)
  • Melt-Away Bay (Wave Pool)
  • Ski Patrol Training Camp
    • Cool Runers (Inner-Tube Slide)
    • Frozenpipe Springs (Body Slide)
    • Snow Falls (Body Slide)(4)
  • Tikes Peak (Kids/Toddler Area)

Downhill Double Dipper

  • Type: Inner-Tube Slide
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: PIPEline

Runoff Rapids

  • Type: Inner Tube Slides (3)
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Length: 600 ft. (each)

Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet

Summit Plummet
  • Type: Body Freefall Slide
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: FreeFALL
  • Height: 120 ft.

Slush Gusher
  • Type: Body Speed Slide
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: MultiBUMP
  • Height: 90 ft.
  • Length: 250 ft.

Snow Stormers

  • Type: Mat Racers (3)
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Length: 350 ft. (each)

Teamboat Springs

  • Type: Family Raft Slide
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: Mammoth
  • Length: 1,400 ft.

Toboggan Racers

  • Type: Mat Racer
  • Make: ProSlide
  • Model: ProRACER
  • Length: 250 ft.