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Big Splash Adventure

  • Attraction: Big Splash Adventure Resort
  • Location: French Lick, Indiana; USA
  • Last Visit: October 26, 2013

About Big Splash Adventure:

This medium sized indoor water park located in the town of French Lick, Indiana, provides a good collection of slides and attractions suited for families looking for a fun time in the water without facing the elements outdoors, especially during the fall, winter, and spring season when most outdoor water parks close. Four water slides, including a wide bowl slide, provide fun that's not too thrilling for younger ones to enjoy. The water park is complete with a water playground, a lazy river, and two whirlpool spas.

big splash adventure

Water Slides

  • Body Slides
    • Pirate's Plunder
    • Scallywag Scuttle
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Jolly Roger Jetty
    • Silver Beard's Revenge (Bowl Slide)

Other Rides/Attractions

  • Buccaneer Bay (Water playground with 2 slides)
  • Lost River (Lazy River)
  • Lost Treasure Lagoon (Leisure Pool)
  • Outdoor Leisure Pool
  • Palm Cove (Hot Tubs; Adults Only)
  • Splish Splash Pool (Toddler Pool)

Jolly Roger Jetty

  • Type: Inner Tube
  • Make: Fibrart
  • Model: Aquatubo 54

Pirate's Plunder

  • Type: Body Slide
  • Make: Fibrart
  • Model: Aquatubo 32

Scallywag Scuttle

  • Type: Body Slide
  • Make: Fibrart
  • Model: Aquatubo 32

Silver Beard's Revenge

  • Type: Inner Tube Bowl Slide
  • Make: Fibrart
  • Model: Aquatubo 54
  • Elements: Bowl