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Aquaventure Dubai

  • Attraction: Atlantis Resort's Aquaventure Water Park
  • Location: The Palms, Dubai; United Arab Emirates
  • Last Visit: July 9, 2009

About Aquaventure:

Atlantis Dubai is an amazing resort on the edge of the man-made island of The Palms, Dubai. Complete with an aquarium, dolphin interaction tanks, and its marvelous water park, Aquaventure.

Aquaventure is a large water park that boasts an extreme amount of theming. This park’s main features are the Ziggurat Temple holding the park’s multiple master blaster slides and the Leap of Faith body slide, a very large rapids river called the Current (or the Torrent), and a water playground with water slides.

atlantis dubai
  • Body Slides
    • Leap of Faith
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Falls (Master Blaster)
    • The Plunge (Master Blaster)
    • Shamal
    • Shark Attack (Master Blaster)
    • Stinger (Master Blaster)
    • The Surge (Master Blaster)

Other Rides/Attractions

  • The Rapids (Rapids River)
  • Splashers Play Area (Water playground with water slides)
  • The Torrent River/The Current (Wave River)(Connects to The Rapids)
  • Water Playground (... with water slides)

General Video of Slides

The Torrent River/The Current