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  1. Who runs Water Slide Database?

    My name is Marcus and I am a photographer living in Kentucky. I made the website for people who enjoy water slides to come and become enthusiasts. I love water slides and love traveling to different water parks.

    When I do travel to different water parks, I try to come back with many different photographs and videos of the water parks to publish them to the web for others to view. I also write reviews of the water parks so others can be informed about my experience with that water park.

  2. Can I join you on your next trip

    I cannot plan any group trips with anybody outside of my family, but meet-ups at parks are fine with me!

  3. Why are there very few updates?

    I do not travel very often and I am usually busy with other things like college. When I do travel to different places, those trips do not always include a water park.

  4. How many people help run the website?

    The website is ran entirely by me under Webs.com.

  5. What do you plan on achieving with Water Slide Database

    I plan on having a website that has a large amount of photos, videos, and reviews on different water parks all over the US, and I know this will take a very long time to achieve.

    I am limited on how often I can travel, so I am open for anyone else who would like to bring photos, videos, and reviews to this website to help it become official!

  6. Will ths website be an actual database?

    That is a strong possibility. Until then, there are other websites out there that are structured specifically as databases for water parks.

  7. Are you affiliated with RCDB.com?

    No. This website and all other Water Slide Database accounts and blogs are, in no way, affiliated with rcdb.com.

  8. Do you offer any services to water parks?

    I do not offer any services to water parks at this time (this may change in the future). Although, negotiations for providing current content (photos / videos) are always open at any time.

  9. Do you design, build, and/or provide water park equipment?


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